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Dahlia Flower


Zinnia Alliance was founded by Kristina Parks, a certified yoga instructor and Ayurveda health counselor, to create a space for growth. This alliance offers teachings of yoga, Stem Yoga, meditation, mindfulness, art expression, yoga philosophy, and Ayurveda, connecting to life and balance through aligning body, breath, mind, and soul.

About Kristina:

I am an E-RYT-200-hour YACEP certified yoga instructor. I received my certification through Twin Cities Collective of Pennsylvania in 2013 and an additional Yin Yoga certification with Biff Mithoefer through Omega Institute in 2015. I am also a certified Ayurveda Health Counselor, which was completed through Kripalu in 2022. 

My teaching style is gentle and personal and I strive to make yoga accessible to all who join me. Throughout my years of teaching I noticed a need for a more supported yoga style and founded Stem Yoga, a series of yoga poses done with the support of a chair (coming soon**).  Chair yoga was pegged only for "old people." The style of chair yoga I teach is so much more.

After several years of teaching at studios, gyms, and community centers, I longed for more connection to my students and wanted to provide them with the space to explore. I knew what I was offering needed an accessible home base to allow my students to grow, just like a zinnia. Zinnia's are resilient, strong, and beautiful flowers, and I want my students to feel this inspiration as they grow in their own yoga journey. I hope my offerings help you to grow strong roots in your yoga.


Through Zinnia Alliance, I provide my teachings online for students to explore on their own when class isn't in session and continue with select offerings virtually live and/or in a physical space. I personally found that yoga asana practice just wasn't enough to balance me and knew I wasn't alone. Zinnia Alliance is a balance of yoga asana and movement, inspiration through art and creativity, inner-work through meditation and mindfulness, spiritual practice through ancient texts, and over-all health and well-being through Ayurveda. 

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