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Art is a beautiful way of expressing yourself. Painting with intention and connection to expressing yourself can be a powerful tool in self-growth and letting go. If you are working through hard emotions or something personally, painting can be a release and a way of expressing those emotions without words. Even if you think you aren't a 'good painter' or an 'artist' it doesn't matter, that isn't what this practice of art is about. This practice of art expression is about letting go of those labels and enjoy expressing in your own way, even if it is outside your comfort zone. It doesn't matter what it looks like at the end, its the process of expressing with color and creativity that will have the impact. This portion is done via group workshops, I hold painting and yoga workshops throughout the year and encourage you to join me. Each workshop will have a different theme and will contain a short guided yoga and meditation practice, helping you to get into the creative mindset, and then moves into the painting portion, which will be surrounded by the theme and will be loosely guided to allow students the freedom of expression. Please see my upcoming workshops listed below and I hope you will join me for a night of creative expression.

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