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Ayurveda is an ancient practice of well-being. Translated as the 'knowledge of life' this practice of feeding our bodies, minds, and souls with a balanced way of living on our own personal journeys. Each one of us is made up of a different balance of elements and affects our well-being personally and our relationship with nature. Through our knowledge of ourselves and the world around us, we can live a more balanced life in all aspects--from the food we eat, to the activities we partake in, to our response to climate, and self-care practices. Since Ayurveda practices are individualized, I would love to meet with you personally to discuss your journey and steps to take toward living your best life.

Ayurveda Consultations are now available!

Love Yourself

Love, You

Be your biggest fan, not your biggest critic.

I invite you to work with me to create a daily routine, diet, and lifestyle, which cultivates a space of love and nourishment. We will work together in creating realistic adjustments to your current routines and habits. These healthy lifestyle adaptations will create lasting change and encourage longevity. Through the practices of Ayurveda, yoga and mindfulness we will invite food choices specific to your needs, lifestyle adjustments to encourage circulation and flow of prana (life force), and create little pockets of space for quiet. As we plant these seeds of practice we will cultivate them together and find the best practices for you to grow. Let’s start the journey of being your biggest fan, not your biggest critic.

Program details:

  • Program runs for three months from your chosen start date

  • Initial intake and love letter to self

  • 1 hour long consultation with me each month via zoom or in person

  • Follow-up email with detailed plan and seeds of practice to explore after each consultation

  • Weekly encouraging email check-ins from me with opportunity to ask questions or clarification needs


Total investment: $225


Please email me if you are interested in this program and to schedule your first consultation!

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