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Seated in Growth.

Stem Yoga is a style of yoga I created using the support of a chair. I have been incorporating the support of a chair throughout yoga practice for my entire teaching career and I have witnessed how it can benefit my students. We all need a little support sometimes, whether its from an injury, personal set-back, time of life, or those many curve balls life throws at you. This opens the door of yoga up to everyone and creates the opportunity to grow and find stability within their practice. 

**More information coming soon**

Stem Yoga 

Step one

Holding Plant

This practice is the first of many to introduce you to Stem Yoga. A brief practice to find your breath and ease into the body and out of the mind.




stem yoga 

step two

This will grow upon 'Step One' adding in more postures and movement. 



Flower Bud Petals
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